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a creative coding program designed to foster the exchange of ideas, tools, and programming skills throughout East Asia and the larger global community. Since 2013 we have worked to cultivate an extensive, global community of educators, artists, and technologists who share their ideas and skills in online courses, offline workshops, and coding competitions we host in New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Hanoi, Guangzhou, and elsewhere. Since 2014, through our OF Course brand classes, we have brought together professors and experts in the field like Sven Travis (Parsons School of Design: Art Media and Technology Program), Gene Kogan (NYU: Tisch School of Arts), Zhang Yinan (Tongji University: Creative Design Institute), Ji Dongyong (Shanghai Conservatory of Music) and many others from Europe, China, and the US who are intent on combining their artistic visions with cutting edge technology. 

Since 2015, institutional cooperation with Parsons School of Design and Technology, the NYC School for Poetic Computation, Shanghai's Tongji University, and the Hong Kong based Chi K11 Art Space promote academic and creative contact between OF Course and chief centers of innovation in the US and Asia. Furthermore, commercial projects with Alibaba, KIA and other major Asian corporations have continued to expand the OF Course community's exposure and footprint in East Asia. OF COURSE is now expanding from its NYC and Shanghai locations to Beijing and Shenzhen, and aims to build its own in-house creative laboratory for students within the next year. Future workshops planned for Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan will continue to support the cross-border interaction of artistic visions, skills, and technologies in the future.




Paul Cheng

Founder, CEO

Paul Cheng graduated with an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons, NYC (2013). He previously worked as a UI/UX designer for Tudou.com, China's first large-scale video sharing site (2006-2008), before moving to the US for further study at Parson's. He was a member of the School of Poetic Computation'sfirst class in 2013 and was chosen 
Tristan Revells

Partner, COO
Tristan Revells graduated from the University of Chicago in 2008. From 2010-2012 he researched EU trade regulation at Boston's Mentor Group consultancy. After studying Mandarin at Fudan University (2010-2011) he attended the law school at National Taiwan University (2012) before joining OF COURSE in NYC while studying at Columbia University.
Yaoyao Zhu

Program Manager

Yaoyao Zhu graduated from the Suzhou Art, Design, and Technology Institute with a degree in Commercial Graphic Design. Recently returning from a five-year stint in NYC, she is continuing her career in education management in Shanghai.




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