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Sunday,April 17, 2016



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You may already find many amazing projects are not running on just one single platform. Instead, they need multiple softwares cooperating to achieve the goal. This class focuses on the communication between OF and different platforms, such as iPhone/iPad, VPT 7, Max/MSP, and even Arduino


Shuangshuang Huo - Shuangshuang Huo is a multimedia creator and filmmaker. Her interest is in conceptual art and she regards new media technologies as powerful tools to achieve artistic expressions.


the Metropolitan Exchange, 33 Flatbush Ave, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11217 (Map)

Course Overview

The class will cover different mostly-used methods for communication, such as OSC, Syphon, Spacebrew, and even Serial (If time allows). Each one has its own specialty. Mastering these skills give students more technical solutions to achieve their project ideas

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