OF Course is a highly collaborative and cross functional class taught by a mix of media and
technical experts with backgrounds in art, music, computer science, mathematics, and architecture. Students are engaged in a highly multi sensory environment and given a great deal of freedom to explore their own interests within the strictures of an otherwise traditional classroom.

October 2017 Max MSP Course

1 Week Workshop


Want to study at a top arts academy?
Or want to conquer the sea of interactive works?
Want to break through the new bottleneck at work?
Or do you want to find more out about your own creative limits?
Join us for the MAX-MSP Interchange!
This National Day holiday, dip your foot in and learn MAX-MSP, from entry level to proficient!

October 1-7, 2017


Taught by Tony Lim

Tony Lim

Tony Lim

Multimedia artist, tech expert
Berkeley School of Music Electronic Technology Instructor
New York University Tisch Art Institute of Interactive Communications (ITP) Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Electronic Design and Design, Berkeley School of Music
New media artist, programmer
Working and living in New York

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