In OF COURSE, you will take a variety of classes on creative coding. The classes will cover the necessary coding skills as well as concepts concerning new media technology. We also host discussions with open source community leaders. Throughout the course, we will offer you constant support, detailed knowledge, and all the necessary materials. We will also be by your side to help you in realizing the full potential of your project. CHECK OUR PREVIOUS CLASS!


Just like an asteroid crashing into a planet, creative coding collides with brunch. Your taste buds will jolt your brain awake, then you can start your creative coding journey throughout a comfortable weekend afternoon...... LEARN MORE

Intro to Openframeworks/C++

Presents a brief introduction to writing code in c++, followed by an immersion into using OF

Feb 8 2015


Design By Code

Translate basic design principles — scale, rhythm, transparency, modularity, pattern — into code

Feb 15 2015

Animation By Code

To understand animation through the lens of code through basic geometry and physics principles

Feb 22 2015

Visual Music

Explore the relationships between audio and visual forms using openFrameworks

Mar 1 2015

Glitch Workshop

Break and crash our operating systems, explore and embrace everything around the system

Mar 8 2015

Live Coding Shaders

Learn how to setup an openFrameworks project to live code shaders in GLSL, and how to make them interactive

Mar 15 2015