Wearable Technology

Saturday,Sep 3,2016



From $129(includes all supplies) or $99(regular tickets)



Wearable Tech: Create Your Own Interactive Accessories

Are you a fashion designer who wants to incorporate technology in your garments? Do you wonder how to embed circuits and sensors in your designs? This is an introductory course for fashion designers and students to gain a basic understanding of electricity and circuits.


Yuchen Zhang - Yuchen Zhang is a visual, interaction and multimedia designer. Her work ranges from branding and UI/UX design to wearable, interactive garments. Website: www.yuchenzhang.com

Nitcha Fame Tothong - Nitcha Fame Tothong is a visual artist/ animator/ creative technologist. Her works explore contemporary technology’s impact on daily life. She also has extensive background in music industry and indie music scene in Thailand. From producing album artwork to directing music video. website: http://nitchafa.me/


the Metropolitan Exchange, 33 Flatbush Ave, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11217 (Map)

Course Overview

This workshop will teach students to create interactive accessories. You can choose from making a light-up biking glove or light-up hat as a starter project. We will walk everyone through each step from learning conductive materials, sewable LEDS, DIY sensors to finalizing their soft circuit design. By the end of the class, each student will be able to take their finished project home and hopefully use it for running or biking during the night.

What should I bring?


  • Sewing equipments if needed. Needles, threads, zippers, scissors. Instructor will supply one sewing machine.

  • A pair of light gloves with any color or any type of hats students feel comfortable to sew on


It’s $30.05 per person for all the supplies. You could choose to purchase our exclusive ticket $129(includes all of the following supplies) or regular ticket $99(without supplies)


Time table


1. Introduction + Showing Our Own or Other Artists Projects ( 10 Minutes)

- Showing examples from Chen and Birce’s work

- Showing examples from other Artists

- Ask Questions about their projects

2. Brief Introduction on Electricity + Circuit Basics ( 15 Minutes)

- Voltage, Current and Resistance

- Circuit: Series vs Parallel  

- Switches, potentiometer

- Battery

3. Material Explorations ( 10 Minutes )

- Conductive thread

- Conductive Fabric

- Copper Tape

- Silver ink pen

- Switch materials: magnets, metal snap on, metal hooks, zippers, pressure button, tilt sensor

- Batteries

4. Circuit examples Serial vs Parallel with using conductive fabric tape

- Show the process of putting one sewable LED with using conductive fabric tape

5. Creating Interactive (40 Minutes)

- Show how to create sewable LED strip on either gloves or hats

- Finishing up the soft circuit design

- Adding the soft sensor

- Finalizing the look of hats or gloves