Intro to Openframeworks/C++ 

Sunday, March 6, 2016



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What is more creative than creating something from nothing? In a world filled with endless digital media tools, more and more artists are turning to coding for the purpose of creative expression. Why? Because coding allows artists to create their own tools for expression.


Jason Levine - Jason Levine is a musician, performer, and computational poet. On a mission to bridge different artistic disciplines, he sees computation as a universal language for translating and communicating between different mediums.


the Metropolitan Exchange, 33 Flatbush Ave, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11217 (Map)

Course Overview

openframeworks(OF) is an open source library that harnesses the power of the c++ programming language for the purpose of creating cutting edge digital art on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. It allows artists to express themselves through the exploration and manipulation of the data inside media at the deepest level. This makes it ideal for the creation of high-performance interactive applications and generative audio-visual art. Much more than just a set of c++ libraries, OF has a rich community here in NYC, online, and around the world. Active forums and constant development make OF a truly exciting project.

This class presents a brief introduction to writing code in c++, followed by an immersion into using OF. From getting setup to working with audio, video, graphics, text, and images.

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