Many OF students have great ideas and innovative products but neither the funding nor the platform to realize their dreams.  In this competitive crowd funding environment, Kick OF provides the proper ecosystem for jumpstarting your product.  Kick OF is a completely free support system leveraging Kickstarter to advertise all OF-driven/OF-inspired ideas.  Every student of OF Course can apply for Kick OF and may be eligible for the following:

  1. a stipend of up to 1000 USD for advertising, marketing, sales, and quality video production for their kickstarter campaign
  2. free consultation from OF Course teachers and other industry leading experts including 360 deg product review and product management.  
  3. reach into a vast OF Course network of creative coders and designers.  Ask, discuss and share your ideas, find coworkers, and learn as much as you can


How do I sign up?
please register and fill out an application at

Is this free?

When should I sign up?
We offer 5-10 spots for promising students with serious ingenuity every year so sign up fast!

What is Kickstarter?

How do I get in touch?
Please contact us at for any other questions you may have.



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