Spring 2015 class


Classes: 6 classes

Session Dates Feb 8 - Mar 15

Location 33 Flatbush, Brooklyn


Just like an asteroid crashing into a planet, creative coding collides with brunch. Your taste buds will jolt your brain awake, then you can start your creative coding journey throughout a comfortable weekend afternoon. While appeasing your inner gourmand, you can study the latest knowledge, can there be a better way to spend a weekend afternoon?

So, on this subject, we will not only bring you a range of high quality courses, in each section of the course we will also provide a delicious brunch for you. We will select some of the tastiest brunch spots (MiriamChar No4Cafe Luluc, etc.) to satisfy your appetite, while our carefully prepared curriculum will ensure that you are provided with a full, comprehensive and lasting understanding of our course topics.



  • Intro openFrameworks/C++

Presents a brief introduction to writing code in c++, followed by an immersion into using OF

  • Design by Code

Translate basic design principles — scale, rhythm,transparency, modularity, pattern — into code

  • Animation by Code 

To understand animation through the lens of code through basic geometry and physics principles

  • Visual Music

Explore the relationships between audio and visual forms using openFrameworks

  • Glitch Workshop

Break and crash our operating systems, explore and embrace everything around the system

  • Live Coding Shaders

Learn how to setup an openFrameworks project to live code shaders in GLSL, and how to make them interactive