Unity for Game Design

Saturday, Aug 27, 2016



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How to building your own world? You live in a virtual world where you can create characters and give them emotions. You play as a god to rule every single piece. This is Unity3D, a tool allows you to build everything. 


the Metropolitan Exchange, 33 Flatbush Ave, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11217 (Map)


The workshop will go through a game example to talk about the basic knowledge of Unity3D. When the class over, you will understand how to import asset in to Unity, a little bit knowledge about Unity3D C# language, the unity animation system, and the particle system, and you could make your own game using Unity3d. 

What should I bring?

A laptop(pc/mac) install in Unity3D (the latest version).
If you are windows user, I highly recommend you to install Visual Studio. optional: installing a software that can open 3D model (MAYA,3DMAX)


At the end of this course, you will be understanding following knowledge. 

• setup the scene

- understand how to import online assert into the scene. - can manage those asserts in a prefect hierarchy.
- be able to use the different tool in Unity3D. 

• setup Player

- understand Input system(moving the character, C# coding). 

- be able to control those animations, when player in different states(running,shooting - reloading).(C# coding) 

- Camera moving.(C# coding)
- Playerparticles.
- Animation Eventsystem.(C# coding)
- Take damage and Player HP (C# coding) 

- RayCast 

• Setup the enemies. 

- Build the navmesh( basic AI system). (C# coding) - Take damage and Enemies HP(C# coding)
- EnemyParticles
- Enemy Respawn (based on navmesh) 

• Lighting

- How to bake lighting map. 

- Talking about different light.

• UI

- Display players HP

- Display enemies HP

- Current bullets remaining


Required resources
A window or mac Laptop install in Unity3D. If you are windows users, highly recommend you to install the VisualStudio as well.
I will provide the basic asset for you to setup the scene.